In need of smart tricks for running a WFOE as a foreigner? How to pay you r employees more for less?

Competitive salary packages, manage your staff, build group cohesion, and navigate the challenging Chinese business environment as a foreigner.



About our speaker

Jack O'Dwyer is the manager of 1421 Consulting's Shenzhen office. Originally from Chicago, Jack has lived in China for three years, in Beijing, Chongqing and Shenzhen respectively. He completed his undergrad in 2016, majoring in East Asian studies and minoring in Chinese language at Colorado State University. After graduating he moved to China, where he has had various jobs all throughout the mainland, from teaching to managing research projects and now to managing a consulting office, which assists companies with their HR needs in China (among many other services)

He is excited to share his knowledge about creating completive salary packages, and managing a company in China as a foreigner.


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