HeidelbergCement is one of the world's largest building materials companies. With the takeover of the Italian cement producer Italcementi, HeidelbergCement became the number 1 in aggregates production, number 2 in cement, and number 3 in ready-mixed concrete. Both companies complement each other perfectly: on the one hand due to major similarities in product areas and organisation structures, and on the other hand due to their different geographical footprints without major overlaps. In the significantly expanded HeidelbergCement Group, around 58,000 employees work at more than 3,000 production sites in around 60 countries on five continents.

海德堡水泥是世界上最大的建筑材料公司之一。 随着意大利水泥生产商Italcementi的收购,HeidelbergCement成为聚合生产中的第一名,骨料生产第二名,预拌混凝土中的第三名。 两家公司完美地相互补充:一方面是由于主要产品领域和组织结构的相似之处,另一方面是由于它们的地理位置不同而没有重大的重叠。 在显着扩展的海德堡水泥集团中,约有58,000名员工在五大洲约60个国家的3,000多个生产基地工作。

The core activities of HeidelbergCement include the production and distribution of cement and aggregates, the two essential raw materials for concrete. Our downstream activities include mainly the production of ready-mixed concrete, but also of asphalt and other building products in some countries. With the acquisition of Italcementi, we have significantly expanded our maritime trading activities.

海德堡水泥的核心业务包括水泥和骨料的生产和分配,水泥和骨料是混凝土的两种基本原材料。 我们的下游活动主要包括生产预拌混凝土,以及一些国家的沥青和其他建筑产品。 通过收购Italcementi,我们大大扩展了我们在海上贸易活动。

Cement production is by its very nature raw-material- and energy-intensive. That's why we build our long-term success on sustainable business practices. This includes securing access to raw materials reserves, efficient and innovative production processes, the development of new products and the use of alternative raw materials and fuels. HeidelbergCement is also active in the promotion of biodiversity at its extraction sites.

水泥生产本质上是原材料和能源密集型的。 这就是我们在可持续商业实践方面取得长期成功的原因。 这包括确保获得原材料储备,高效和创新的生产工艺,开发新产品以及使用替代原材料和燃料。 海德堡水泥还积极推动其开采地点的生物多样性。


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