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Eternit Guangzhou Building Systems Co., Ltd is a subsidiary company under Etex S.A. which is centered in Belgium. Etex was established in 1905 and has a long history of more than a century. Etex is a forerunner of the world with regard to technology and production of reinforced fibre cement boards, and as well a world leader in the industry of reinforced fibre cement boards. We have always focused on providing supreme building materials and professional solutions for buildings globally. There are 102 companies, 107 production factories and over 17,000 employees under Etex S.A., with businesses spreading in 42 countries across Europe, America, Africa, Oceania and Asia Pacific area. Etex owns more than 50 worldwide-celebrated brands, covering applications of cladding, roofing, interior, floor and fire proof systems. Of all these famous brands, "Eternit" has become another name for reinforced fibre cement boards. In dictionaries of English for science, "Eternit" means product of fibre cement product.

Eternit Guangzhou Building Systems Co.,Ltd是Etex S.A.旗下的子公司,位于比利时中心。 Etex成立于1905年,拥有超过一个世纪的悠久历史。 Etex在纤维水泥板的技术和生产方面是世界的先驱者,同时也是增强纤维水泥板行业的世界领导者。我们一直致力于为全球建筑提供最优质的建筑材料和专业解决方案。 Etex S.A.旗下有102家公司,107家生产工厂和17,000多名员工,业务遍及欧洲,美洲,非洲,大洋洲和亚太地区的42个国家。 Etex拥有50多个全球知名品牌,涵盖包层,屋顶,室内,地板和防火系统的应用。在所有这些著名品牌中,"Eternit"已成为增强纤维水泥板的另一个存在。在用于科学的英语词典中,"Eternit"是指纤维水泥产品的产品。

Eternit Guangzhou Building Systems Co., Ltd , founded in 1984, is the first factory in China that produced reinforced fibre cement boards. Our new factory is located in Yonghe Economic Zone, covering 57,000 square meters of land and surrounded by green mountains and clear water, which is truly a Green factory in this industry. The boards that we produce have become the landmark products in the industry, which are mainly applied in external decoration, energy-saving system, internal partition, ceiling system and curtain wall fire-proof & insulation internal lining, acoustic system, floor slabs and air pipe fire-proof system, etc. We have finished thousands of project references. Our products have been used in many of the landmark projects in major cities in China, such as Tunnel of HongKong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing, National Stadium (Bird-Net) in Beijing, IFC Shanghai, Canton Tower in Guangzhou, W Hotel Guangzhou, KK100 Shenzhen, Phoenix Island Sanya, and so on. We have production experiences and application history of Eternit façade systems of over 60 years. Eternit façade systems are suitable for various weather conditions and natural environments in different parts of the world, and also match different architectural standards and energy-saving demands from many countries. Eternit façade systems are the reliable partner of creativity for architects as well as the reliable guarantee for building unique architectural outlook. Many master architects who have won Pritzker Architecture Prize have chosen our Eternit façade products on their works, such as Ieoh Ming Pei, Norman Foster, Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron, Jean Nouvel, and Alvaro Siza.

Eternit广州建筑系统有限公司成立于1984年,是中国第一家生产增强纤维水泥板的工厂。我们的新工厂位于永和经济区,占地57,000平方米,周围环绕着青山绿水,是一个真正的绿色工厂。我们生产的板材已成为行业中的标志性产品,主要应用于外部装饰,节能系统,内部隔断,天花板系统和幕墙防火隔热内衬,隔音系统,楼板和空气管道防火系统等我们完成了数以千计的项目参考。我们的产品已被用于中国主要城市的许多标志性项目,如香港 - 珠海 - 澳门大桥隧道,北京国家大剧院,北京国家体育场(鸟网),上海国际金融中心,广州广州塔,广州W酒店,深圳京基100大厦,三亚凤凰岛等。我们拥有超过60年的Eternit幕墙系统的生产经验和应用历史。 Eternit幕墙系统适用于世界不同地区的各种天气条件和自然环境,也符合许多国家不同的建筑标准和节能要求。 Eternit幕墙系统是建筑师创造力的可靠合作伙伴,也是建筑独特建筑风格的可靠保证。许多获得普利兹克建筑奖的建筑大师都选择了我们的Eternit立面产品,如Ieoh Ming Pei,Norman Foster,Jacques Herzog,Pierre de Meuron,Jean Nouvel和Alvaro Siza。

We have world-class production equipment, technology and management system, and obtained the certifications of ISO 9001:2008 quality management, ISO 14001:2004 environment management and OHSAS 18001:2007 occupational safety and health management issued by BV, an international quality assurance organization based in France. We have always persisted and committed to manufacture and sell environmental-friendly, safe and top quality products. All of our products have passed the authentication of China Green Label Certificate. Our distributing network has spread all over the country and our products have been sold to South-East Asia, Australia, Latin America and other overseas markets.

我们拥有世界一流的生产设备,技术和管理体系,并获得了国际质量保证组织BV颁发的ISO 9001:2008质量管理,ISO 14001:2004环境管理和OHSAS 18001:2007职业安全健康管理认证。 总部设在法国。 我们一直坚持并致力于生产和营销环保性,安全和高品质的产品。 我们所有的产品都通过了中国绿色标签认证。 我们的分销网络遍布全国各地,产品远销东南亚,澳大利亚,拉丁美洲等海外市场。

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