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Success is not only about a good idea. Three experts will explain in this seminar the life-cycle of a product from idea to compliance to protection.

  1. Design2Gather: valuable product design gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. However, what is valuable design exactly?
  2. ProductIP: ensuring Compliance : EU Non-food consumer product regulations: Overview and key aspects to take note.
  3. React: protect your product: doing business in China can be risky for IP owners. When things go wrong: how can businesses protect themselves?

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D2G Company Introduction:

Design2Gather is an international product design company based in China, which provides manufacturers and retailers innovative and functional

designs that are directly ready for mass production.

We have established our own method to create product designs with value for the end-user. In this way we support companies to grow their business.

The international design team starts with an intensive research to define how you can reach a unique market position. Based on the design direction,

we will come up with innovative product ideas. Due to our location in the world's manufacturing epicenter Shanghai, the selected ideas are

developed into product designs that are adjusted to the local factories for mass production in China.

The speaker:

Bram Broeken: Design2Gather is established for and by designers. The roots of founder Bram Broeken were at the University of Applied science in the department industrial product design. Fascinated by the craft of design but frustrated of the difficulty to get it really out there on the market.

This frustration made him decide to start his own design studio aimed at providing a complete product design service from beginning to end. Soon Design2Gather started to grow rapidly due to the unique focus on end-user experience. In the recent years Design2Gather became an award winning international product Design Company. Their design team is ready to help customers from the very start of a problem statement or design challenge up until mass production of the desired product.

Description presentation:

1. What is valuable design? What can valuable design do for your company?

2. How do we create valuable design?

3. Examples of valuable design and their impact.

About ProductIP

Successful companies use ProductIP to effectively demonstrate to customers and authorities that their products meet relevant customer requirements and legislation.

Our customers are able to reduce costs, streamline operations, manage suppliers and at the same time put safer, more sustainable products to market. Our web-based solution provides quick and easy access to a complete list of applicable legal and company specific requirements for European non food consumer goods. It also enables the implementation of a product compliance process (as described in ISO 19600) to collect, manage and share product compliance evidence documents quickly and easily. Already more than 12,500 users work with ProductIP and more than 150,000 technical files have been created with a trade value of over 15 billion euros. And they have done this without the transformational organisation or investment usually associated with such a change.

The speaker

Alice Poon, General Manager Greater China, ProductIP

Alice Poon has 15+ years of commercial experience in testing, inspection and certification industry (TIC). Since 2009, she has been GM Greater China for ProductIP and established the first ProductIP subsidiary (as WFOE) in the region. Alice is responsible for the group's operation and business development in Greater China. During her tenure at KEMA (now DEKRA) and SGS, the world leaders in TIC services, Alice has held various management positions for supply chain business, sales & marketing, and corporate communications.

short description of the presentation

Ensuring Compliance - by ProductIP

EU Non-food consumer product regulations: Overview and key aspects to take note

"EU Goods Package": the latest EU regulation affecting the fast-growing online trading and e-commerce for EU market :

- Three latest regulations ("the Goods Package") introduced by The European Commission

- The advantages and challenges brought by the regulations

- How those regulations affect parties which sell consumer products to European countries, and

- The impact on Asian sellers of Amazon, AliExpress direct deliveries and eBay.

About React

React is a not-for-profit organization with almost 30 years of experience in fighting the counterfeit trade worldwide. Our organization run for-and-by the Members (clients) allows us to offer usually high legal fees for low not-for-profit costs. With almost 300 Members from various industry backgrounds and countries (mostly EU, but increasingly USA, Japan and Korea), React has experience in dealing with almost all areas of rights infringement. Our large and growing global presence allows us to undertake online and offline enforcement in more than 90 countries and gives Members access to a global network of anti-counterfeiting institutions such as online service providers, law firms and investigation companies that are all audited and approved by React. Headquartered in Amsterdam, React is represented in Asia by offices in Guangzhou (China), HCMC (Vietnam), Singapore, Delhi (India) and Vientiane (Laos). React China covers the Far East (Taiwan, Korea Japan) through local partner firms, and focusses on Online Enforcement (auction sites, commercial sites, social media and APPs), Customs Enforcement (recordals, seizures, destruction), Investigations (online/offline), basic legal formalities (IPR registration, notarization, translation), market surveys (Canton Fair and other trade fairs) and business development for the Far East region.

The speaker

Max Kamperman

Max studied Sinology in Leiden and graduated with an MA in International Relations from Xiamen University. During his 3.5 years with React China, Max has been responsible for developing online and offline brand protection strategies for React's key clients in China and the Far East. This mainly includes creating a customized online enforcement program; an effective customs enforcement strategy; and gathering intelligence from both public sources and the React database in order to identify and tackle so called "power sellers".

short description of the presentation

Beginner's guide to IPR protection in China

- Counterfeit trade summary

- China & fake products summary

- China IP basics: what you should know

- China/EU IP comparison: what to watch out for

- Brief strategic approach: what's important to your anti-counterfeiting strategy

- Two key aspects of the strategy: online- and customs enforcement


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